Monday, July 29, 2013

Debt - A Curse and...a Blessing in Disguise!

Yes, you read correctly: debt has and is still a nightmare, pure hell. I have the choice to curl into a little ball and hope that it will disappear as fast as it came into my life. Some days, I am seriously depressed and very much alone in this journey. However, I decided that it was a blessing in disguise. Why? I appreciate things, money and life much more. I do not take anything for granted anymore. I am more respectful toward myself and the environment.

One year ago, I lost a great job. I not only lost a good income, but also health insurance coverage. Before I lost my job, I was taking anxiety medications, anti-depressants, and high blood pressure medications. After I lost my job, I could not afford to pay for those pills anymore. I lost a little bit of weight (I still need to lose at least 40 pounds), I cut my soda drinks intake, and unbelievably enough, I do not have high blood pressure anymore. As for the depression, well it is a constant battle, I am not on my meds anymore but I am doing better. So, yes, it is a blessing.

I do not wish for anybody to be in debt, and it will take me at least 6 years to get out of it, but I am learning a lot along the way.

My cousin, whom I do not see often, called me on the spur of the moment the other day, and invited to have dinner on his yacht. Yes, his million dollars boat...I was grateful and had a great time. I was helping him and his wife cleaned up after dinner (we had some "canard" (duck) and guacamole-its was delicious) and my cousin threw away the dinner left over in the garbage. All I could think about was "the money being thrown away" and how it would have made me a wonderful lunch for the next day. I guess I should not criticize him - I used to do the same thing unfortunately.

So, I am learning so many lessons along the way...

Have a nice day!

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