Monday, August 5, 2013

Bye Bye thyroid~

My daughter had surgery this morning. She had a tumor on her thyroid gland removed.The surgery took long and I was having a lot of anxiety issues. Anyway, I was adding up the money in the checking account and my husband upcoming paycheck when I realized that we will not have enough money to cover the mortgage and the cars insurance. So I started panicking and calculating everything over and over just to found out that I had just paid the car insurance... You see, now I am a much better careful person with my money - and sometimes I "forget" that I am a 'changed woman". Sounds funny right?

I used to be careless with money. I am much better now. I still make mistakes, I am still in debt but at least I am working toward a better financial life.

My daughter is home from surgery, everything went well, the car insurance is paid for and I will have enough money to cover the mortgage payment. LIFE IS GOOD :)


  1. Hope your daughter is doing well.

  2. Hope you daughter continues to do's funny how even though you already paid it, it probably felt like a little windfall when you realized you were going to be just fine since you didn't have to pay it again :)