Thursday, June 6, 2013

Set Back

Yesterday, I was a really bad girl, and spent some money on unnecessary items...I have been so good about not spending on clothes, and being very careful with my money. However, yesterday was disaster day.

So what happened yesterday?

Well, first I received 3 bad news in one day - two about my children's health - and one about a summer job that I did not get because of budget cuts. I know, it is not an excuse to go out on a spending spree.

I was so sad, and stressed out and depressed that I headed to the mall. I bought a bathing suit for my son at Hollister, and a new tie for my son at American Eagle. I spend - $50 at Yankee's candles (for my own defense - everything was on sale 50% to 75% ) and I spend $35 at Target.

I also have been very careful about eating better and exercising more. Unfortunately, I have been eating hamburgers and French fries for the past two days. It is funny how you can go back to old habits very quickly.

It did not make me feel better. So the moral of this story is: the next time I have a bad stressful day, I need to find another way to make me feel better. Overeating and overspending is NOT the solution.

From a very sad and stressful girl :(