Tuesday, September 3, 2013


A New Job, A New beginning!

So I started my new job. I LOVE IT!!! Better pay, and most of all, Health Insurance!!! (The coverage does not start before October 1st, so let's pray to God, that nothing happens to us before that).

My car broke down today. I was in tears, did not anticipate $310 in car repairs. Unfortunately, I do not have an emergency fund yet...I know, working on it...so it will make a BIG dent in my budget this month.

I have a problem: I do not have clothes that fits or that are decent anymore. Seriously. I am not saying that because I am difficult or that my clothes are out of style. I need clothes to wear. My current clothes have holes, or are too big. I really do not have the money to buy anything at all. Any suggestions? The Salvation Army Store in my town is really awful, and surprisingly, the clothes are pricey.

My son goes back to school tomorrow, yeah!

Have a nice rest of the week!

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